Danzig - Black Hell tab

Black Hell by Danzig
From The Hangover II Soundtrack
More accurate tabs! - I did not think the listed tabs sound like the song, so here are my own.

This song is tough to play on one guitar, despite the chords being simple.  For the 
versus, I bridge my middle finger on the D and G string.  I'll write my fingering in 
parentheses (pointer=1, middle finger=2, etc).

Intro:e---------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------|G---6(2)----6(2)---- 6(2)-----6(2)------------------|D---6(2)----6(2)----6(2)-----6(2)-------------------| x2A---4(1)----x(3)---- 0-------x(1)-------------------|E---------- 7(3)----5(1)-----4(1)-------------------|
Verse and Choruse-----------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------|G---6(2)----6(2)-----6(2)-----6(2)--------------------|D---6(2)----6(2)-----6(2)-----6(2)--------------------|A---4(1)----x(3)-----x(3)----- 0----------------------|E-----------7(3)----7(3)----- 5(1)--------------------|
If you are quick, you can play the C#m bar chord during the chorus. X46634 Oh yeah, and the incredibly hard lead guitar part B---8^9--- Thank you Glenn, for continuing to put out music that chills, then kills, my soul. jspsych@gmail.com
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