Danzig - Until You Call On The Dark tab

transcription: Liam Wolfen Cullen, Jimmie Spradlin, Ryq

riff 1: riff 2:E|-------------------------------| |-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------| |-------------------------------|G|-------------------------------| |-------------------------------|D|-------------------------------| |-------------------------------|A|-----8-7------8-7--ah--ah--ah--| |-----8-7------8-7--7---6---5---|E|-5~-------5~-------8---7---6---| |-5~-------5~-------8---7---6---|
Notes: During the riff, harmonics are picked at random and at various places. During the chorus, a second guitar plays a heavily palm-muted A chord (-5-7-7-x-x-x-) while the bass plays an A pedal tone. When the riff is noted without a number, the guitars are playing various endings, all of which follow the basic figures transcribed above. -songflow- riff 1 (2x) riff 2 (2x) A D# D (6x) D A D# D (2x) D riff 1 riff 2 (2x) riff 2 A A D# D (3x) A D# D (4x) D A D# D (2x) D riff 1 (2x) riff 2 (2x) riff (8x) riff 1 riff 2 A
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