Danzig - Circle Of Snakes tab

Album: Circle Of Snakes
Tuning: C-G-C-F-A-D (It could be Drop D, but I think it sounds better in C.)

Intro 4x Gtr. 2 starts here 2nd time|-------------------------------------------|-------||-------------------------------------------|-------||-------------------------------------------|-------||-0--0-3-0-----0--0-3-0-----0--0-3-0--------|0-7-0-6||-0--0-3-0-3^^-0--0-3-0-3^^-0--0-3-0--------|0-7-0-6||-0--0-3-0-----0--0-3-0-----0--0-3-0-3/10/7-|0-7-0-6|
. . . . .Prechorus 15x|-----------||-----------||-----------||-0--0-0-0-0||-0--0-0-0-0||-0--0-0-0-0| . . . . .
Fill 1x|--------------||--------------||--------------||-------0-7-0-6||-------0-7-0-6||-10//7-0-7-0-6|
. .Chorus 4x|--------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------||-0--0-3-0-----0--0-3-0-----0--0-3-0--------0-7-0-6||-0--0-3-0-3^^-0--0-3-0-3^^-0--0-3-0--------0-7-0-6||-0--0-3-0-----0--0-3-0-----0--0-3-0-3/10/7-0-7-0-6|
. . . . . Order: x Intro x Prechorus x Fill x Chorus x Prechorus x Fill x Chorus x Chorus(over solo) Key: . -palm mute / -slide ^ -natural harmonic Hey, sorry I don't have the solo. Don't be too harsh with the comments either, this is first tab. But if you know the solo, PLEASE send it to me and I'll put it in here. I this same tab on Fretplay.com as well, but this one is slightly revised. Email me at zombie62190@sbcglobal.net Thanks! - kingkill33*
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