Daphne Loves Derby - I Wish You Knew This Song Was About You tab

Chords relative to capo

E Asus2 C#sus4 Bsus Csus Asus2(maj7)E--0------0------0------0------0------0------]B--0------0------0------0------0------0------]G--1------2------6------4------5------1------]D--2------2------6------4------5------2------]A--2------0------4------2------3------0------]E--0------0------x------0------x------0------]
E Asus2 This bedroom light distracts my stare C#sus4 Asus2(maj7) I find it hard to keep still Asus2 Bsus And everything is so still E like this Asus2 I won’t have to wait for long C#sus4 Asus2(maj7) Before I start to see that Asus2 Bsus You’re the only thing that was C#sus4 Asus2 Will you stay keep this evening calm? E I'll shield you from this night, Bsus Csus I'll make everything alright. C#sus4 Asus2 Will you make sure the door is locked? E We won't have to talk Bsus Csus As long as you are here with me C#sus4 Again.
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