Daphne Loves Derby - Cue The Sunmoon Test tab

"Cue the Sun" /Moon Test by Daphne Loves Derby
Standard Tuning EADGBe

Capo 5th Fret|-3---0----0-----2----3-----0-----0--------0-----||-3--(3)---3-----3----3-----2-----3--------1-----||-0---0----0-----2----2-----0-----0--------0-----||-0---2----2-----0----0-----2-----2--------2-----||-2---2----3-----x----x-----0-----0--------0-----||-3---0----x-----x----x-----x-----x--------x-----|
G Em Cadd9 D Dsus4 A7 A7sus4 Am7 Verse 1 G Em If I find my way in the darkest of days Cadd9 G D Will I laugh about the things that kept me awake G Em If my greatest fears paints itself so crystal clear Cadd9 G D Will I run away, will I hide Chorus Cadd9 G If I don't come home tonight Cadd9 Em Just know I tried my best to fight Cadd9 G D Dsus4 D Please don't think I planned to lose to the night Cadd9 G Curse the moon so dull and bright Cadd9 Em My heavy soul can't stand the light A7 A7sus4 A7 It burns me straight to the bones Am7 My Bones Verse 2 G Em In the desert sun I watched my nerves come undone Cadd9 G D One by one the strings they tangled into the knots G Em Ever since that day deep in Santa Fe Cadd9 G D I've learned to hate myself for giving everything away Chorus Instrumental (Same chords as Verse) Chorus ------------------------------------ tips ------------------------------------ verse (play like this)
(for the instrumental part play this twice and just add hammer-ons and other fancy stuff) enjoy!
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