Daphne Loves Derby – Bedroom tab

So this is my first tab submission.  I did not come up with the chords.  I took them 
another tab and decided to make it fully into a chord thing because it would make it easier 
me to accurately play it. So I'm sharing it. I hope it helps? :p

Any suggestions? Comments?  Corrections? Whatever?
E-mail me at: kj.chung@yahoo.com

Note: Dropped D + half-step down. (Db,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb)------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daphne Loves Derby - Bedroom------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Am7 Em9 F#7eb|------0------0------0------|Bb|------1------3------3------|Gb|------0------0------0------|Db|------2------0------4------|Ab|------0------2------5------|Db|------x------2------x------|
Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus Intro: Am7 Em9 F#7 x2 Am7 Em9 F#7 Show me something good that’s still worth fighting for Am7 Em9 F#7 I’m not quite sure how you survive the storms inside of your soul Am7 Em9 F#7 And ever since the start of this I turn to you Am7 Em9 F#7 When I need something more than this empty road that I follow
Csus2 G6 Bmeb|------3------0------2------|Bb|------3------3------3------|Gb|------0------0------4------|Db|------0------0------4------|Ab|------3-----(5)-----2------|Db|------x------5------x------|
(On my own) Am7 G6* Em/Ceb|------0------0------0------|Bb|------1------0------0------|Gb|------0------0------0------|Db|------2------0------2------|Ab|------0------2------3------|Eb|------x------x------x------|
Csus2 G6 Bm So can I just hold on to you tonight? Csus2 G6 Bm Can I just hold on to you and make this right? Csus2 Em9 I take a part what is left and leave it Csus2 Em9 I’ve come to see that I’ll never make it Am7 G6* Em/C On my own Am7 Em9 F#7 I can’t imagine all the things that haunt head when you lay in bed Am7 Em9 F#7 And you try to find a reason to stay here Am7 Em9 F#7 Am7 Ever since the start of this I never knew the right thing to say to you Em9 F#7 The right way to help you through CHORUS
Em9 G6 Em/C# Em/Ceb|------0------0------0------0------|Bb|------3------3------0------0------|Gb|------0------0------0------0------|Db|------0------0------2------2------|Ab|------2-----(5)-----4------3------|Eb|------2------5------x------x------|
Em9 G6 Hey, I know it’s hard for you to believe Em/C# But if you leave I’ll lose everything I really need Em/C Everything that helps me breath Em9 G6 Hey, I know you're barely hanging on Em/C# But even with your weathered heart Em/C I know you'll walk into the storm ahead of me Chorus Finished!
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