Darkness - Shit Ghost tab


This song is one of the B sides on "Is It Just Me?". I did the verses and chorus, but I 
figure out the solo, so theres a little room for some improv there.

Well here it is:

Verse =

  Am         Am        G Am Am        Am         G Am

e ---------------------2--0----------------------2--0-|B ---------------------2--1----------------------2--1-|G -------2---------2---0--2--------2---------2---0--2-|D -----2---------2-----0--2------2---------2-----0--2-|A -0-3-----0-0-3-----0-2--0--0-3-----0-0-3-----0-2--0-|E ---------------------3-------------------------3----|
F F G Am F F G Am
e ---------------------2--0----------------------2--0-|B ---------------------2--1----------------------2--1-|G ---------------------0--2----------------------0--2-|D ---0-2-3-----0-2-3---0--2----0-2-3-----0-2-3---0--2-|A -3-------3-3-------3-2--0--3-------3-3-------3-2--0-|E ---------------------3-------------------------3----|
Chorus =
e ----------------------------------------------------|B ----------------------------------------------------|G -------77-55-5-4------------------------------------|D -77-55-77-55-5-4-2---22----33-5555------x2----------|A -77-55-55-33-3-2-0---00-22-33-5555------------------|E -55-33-------------3----00-11-3333------------------|
So yeah thats about it. I couldn't find any tabs for this anywhere on the internet, so I Id throw this together. Its totally right, and provides the main rhythm part of the song. Thanks for reading. Darknessfan
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