Darlene Zschech – It Is You chords

Key of G
Transitional Chord: D 

Verse 1:
G D GLamp unto my feet
G D G Light unto my path
C Am7It is You, Jesus
D GIt is You
Verse 2:
G D GThis treasure that I hold
G D GMore than finest gold
C Am7It is You, Jesus
D GIt is You
Chorus 1:
G AmWith all my heart
BmWith all my soul
EmI live to worship You
C DAnd praise forevermore
C DPraise forevermore
Chorus 2:
G AmLord, everyday
BmI need You more
Em COn wings of Heaven, I will soar
DWith You
Verse 3:
G D GYou take my brokenness
G D GAnd call me to yourself
CThere You stand
D D7 GHeal me in Your hand
Chords by me :D God bless :)
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