Darrell Scott - Uncle Lloyd chords

Uncle Lloyd by Darrell Scott
Tabbed by: Julius Milani

This is a very basic tab from a very good guitarist in Darrell Scott. This guy has some
songs and I was surprised to find that none of them are tabbed (unless by another artist
used his work). If you are reading this tab then you already know how good he is. Have 

(G)He was not my fatherís brother
(F) (C)But he wished that he could be
(F)Told us kids to call him uncle
(D) (C)And we would be his family
(G)He had a wife and kids in Fresno
(F) (C)The youngest one was twenty-four
(F)Dad had brought him into our house
(D) (C)They didnít want him anymore
(G)He helped us work the family business
(F) (C)Building fences in the sun
(F)Worked just like a man of twenty
(D) (C)ĎTil the working day was done
(G)He and Dad would spend their evening
(F) (C)Sitting in lawn chairs in the yard
(F)Where theyíd drink a toast to Seagramís
(D) (C)Seagramís never went down hard
(G)Wonít you wake up Uncle Lloyd
(F) (C)Got a lot of work today
(F)Weíll get Don to make the coffee
(D) (C)Load that truck and be on your way
(G)Friday night you can drive to Vegas
(F) (C)Maybe this time you will win
(F)Buy a trailer by the river
(D) (C)And you wonít have to work again
(G)He was sleeping in the workroom
(F) (C)With a mattress on the floor
(F)When one night I heard him crying
(D) (C)As I passed outside his door
(G)He cried, "Rita, girl I love you
(F) (C)Rita, Darling please donít go
(F)Iíve tried hard to make you happy
(D) (C)Iíve done everything I know"
(G)Then I heard the bottle open
(F) (C)The tipping up and putting down
(F)Heard the rustling of the covers
(D) (C)Then he did not make a sound
(G)I thought of thirty years of Rita
(F) (C)Standing sternly by his side
(F)All the years of hanging in there
(D) (C)All the emptiness inside
(G)Then I thought of how their children
(F) (C)Have children of their own
(F)And how a man at fifty-seven
(D) (C)Winds up living so alone
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