Darren Criss – Ready To Go chords

Ok, well here it is! This song is super catchy and will get stuck inyour head very easily so beware! It's not too hard of a song. This is the alternative version of the much longer "ready to go" version from the TeamStarKid musical version. Hope you like it and if youhave any recommendations or corrections on lyrics, send me ane-mail at fallsoccer07@hotmail.com. Enjoy!
CHORD SET 1Use these chords for the "I'm ready to go" because the rest are powerchords after that one section. Sorry but it's the easiest to be playedthat way and sounds better. C G Dsus4 D C7sus4 C6sus4e-0------3------3------2------5------4-|B-1------3------3------3------5------5-|G-0------0------2------2------4------4-|D-2------0------0------0------x------x-|A-3------2------x------x------x------x-|E-0------3------x------x------x------x-|
CHORD SET 2 Use these chords for the rest of the song after the "I'm ready to go" section. The power chords sound much better and they're much easier to play! Side note, yes both A and a sound the same, but at some parts in the song it's much easier to move the one rather the other. You can choose to play either one! Up to you. A C#m D E a AM7/G# G
F# Ce-x------x--|B-x------x--|G-3------9--|D-4------10-|A-4------10-|E-2------8--|
Ready To Go (Alternative Version)- Darren Criss
C G Dsus4 D Dsus4 D Dsus4 DI'm ready to gooooOOOOOooohohoho (o ooo o ooo)
C G Dsus4 D Dsus4 D Dsus4 DI'm ready to gooooOOOOOooohohoho (o ooo o ooo)
C G Dsus4 D Dsus4 D Dsus4 DI'm ready to gooooOOOOOooohohoho (o ooo o ooo)
C G Dsus4 D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D C6sus4 C7sus4 C6sus4
I'm ready to gooooOOOOOooohohoho (o ooo o ooo)
A C#m D E We're finally ready, and the time is right for us to light a spark
A C#m D E We're keeping it steady left our eyes on the prize 'till we get us through the dark
D D C#m C#m Cm Cm a C#m I know there's so much more to what I think I see
D D C#m Cm a I feel a change in the strange things, it's part of me.
A AM7/G# G F# My hope, was I freaking out and I think I'm gunna blow
Cm C#mWe're locked an loaded (O so devoted)
D C#mMorally demoted (Time's just floatin') ((
Cm C#m DFinally ready, so ready to
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