Darren Criss – The Coolest Girl chords


	I figured this out from an acoustic performance of Darren’s so I don’t 
know if it’s completely accurate to the A Very Potter Sequel version. It’s 
probably not 100% accurate, but it’s close enough to fill be able to fill in the 
blanks fairly easily.  This is my first tab so try not to judge too harshly. Enjoy! 
P.S. The chords I didn’t really know are at the bottom.

Intro: C-Em-Dm 

C-Em-Dm-FAll my dreams
I'm chasing after, they don't need all this laughter...
F-Em-Dm-AmI take a grain of salt,
stiff upper lip. It's not their fault I'm not as hip.
F-Em-DmWake up kid, you know you're more than this...
C-Em-Dm-FI'm the smartest person
that I've ever met. So why do I allow myself to possibly forget:
F-Em-Dm-AmThere's so much I know how to do,
so much more than all of you.
F-Em-A?-Dm5-FThe only thing I wish I knew
was how to make them see the girl that I can be.... C-Dm5-Am-C-F
I amthe coolest girl in the whole wide world
I know it but can't show it at all. Am-C-F-Dm5-Am-G-F-G#-G-C
I amsick and tired
of low, not higher places, where I should belong. It's about time I proved them wrong...
Am-C/G-F-G-Dm randomly? Figure it outGive me a shot
to show what I've got! I'm a helluva whole lot more than this frizzy hair, these frumpy clothes I wear, though I rock 'em like nobody you've seen before
D-B?-G-Bm-D-G'Cause I am
the coolest girl in the whole wide world I know it below it all. Bm-D-G-B?
I amdone with losin',
on with choosin'
G-F#?-Bm-Emthe coolest girl on the face of the planet,
the coolest bitch on earth, goddammit! The coolest chick you've ever seen or heard! So you can try to bring me down, but sorry guys, I'm stickin' around! I've thought about it, and I've found
G-F#?-G-B?-D-Bm-F-Dthat I am
the coolest girl! ... Yeah! A?=xx3230 B?=x22030 F#?=200033
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