Darren Criss - To Have A Home chords

To Have a Home (from A Very Potter Sequel)- Darren Criss

Intro: Db Gbm Db Gm

Gbm DbI've heard the word before,
Gbm Bbmbut it never meant much more
Gb Absus, Abthan just a thing I've never had.
Db A place,
Gbm DbThey say, "Hey, know your place!"
Gb Asus2 BbmBut I've never had a place to even know,
Aor a face that I could go to if I
E Eb Absus, Abneeded someone there
Db Gbm Db Gbm
DbI'm laughing
Gbm Dbit's hard to hide a smile
Gb BbmMy god, it's been a while
Gb Absus, Absince I have had a reason to.
DbTo think
Gbm Dbit's been here all along
Gb Asus2 Bbmsomewhere to belong, and a reason,
Aa something to believe in
E E7I've finally found it,
C#m Ama place where I'm wanted
E BThis must be how it feels
A Eto have a home
A7I used to dream about it
D5but never schemed or counted
Eon fantasies or wishes
E7it breaks a man to see what he misses
A7So many nights I'd pray
D5for a better life, a better day
Bmbut I never thought that it'd come true
B7 E E7 C#mit's finally here and I don't know what to do
Am E E7 A Amand I'm trying not to cry
E BThis must be how it feels
A Eto have a home
Instrumental: C Fm C Fm Am G F C Fm C Fm Bb Am Ab Eb Gsus G F
C C7I've finally made it
Am FmI've hoped and I've waited
C Gand for the first time in my life,
F AmI don't feel so alone
C GMy heart starts to heal
C Gto know that it's real.
F GThis is how it must feel
F G C Fm C Fm Cto have a home!
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