Darren Criss – Status Quo chords ver. 3

Status Quo (Darren Criss Livestream Version)

This is tabbed from the livestream. I think it´s mostly correct except for some chords 
where I couldn´t exactly see what he was doing.

Capo on 7th

G~     = 320013
E7sus4 = 020200
D/F#   = 2x0232


(couple of times, also during the first bit of lyrics) It starts with not questioning the answers And giving up before you've begun It locks all the doors, increases the pressure And in a flash your time is up before it's done
A7 C FAnd you won't know how it can feel
FmTo feel at all
Am Fmaj7 C G Dm AmSo I say no-o-o to status quo-o-o
F CWho wants to be like the rest
G~ G E7And deny the best that I'm meant for
Am Fmaj7 C G Dm AmI wil show-o-ow the status quo-o-o
F CWho wants to be normal I'll never conform
Dm (intro bit 1x)I will be content to resent the status quo-o-o
A7 FI'll kick down the walls around me
Am G~They don't know how strong I am
C FI'm not defined by boundaries
Am G~ FThey could never understand
Cm Gm FmI'm so much more -o- ore than status quo-o-o
Eb Bbm7 ? F G~Who cares about being another pipe dreamer stuck on the bottom floor
Dm Fmaj7 C G E AmAnd I know-o -ow it's time to go-o- o
F Cso maybe I've gotten everything that I wanted
DmBut I think that I might have made it so
F F FmWhen I said no no no
C G (?) ETo status quo-o-o-o
[Fmaj7 C] [G~ G] [E7 E7sus4]
G D/F# A DCause I am a starship ranger
G D/F# A DI'm gonna do everything I can
G D/F# E E7To always be a starship ranger
** Em Bbm Cm Bbm
Cm Bbm Cm Bbm Cm BbmCause it's everything, it's everything
D ** I Am! End on D
* He does a little run down here that goes: EmI-----------0---------|I-----------0---------|I-----------0---------|I-----------2---------|I-----------2---------|I--3--2--0--0---------|
** During the outro, the D shape is moved up and strummed. Check out the video if you don't understand: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbGznqpNqBM
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