Darren Criss - The Way I Do chords

	     THE WAY I DO - Darren Criss (Starship The Musical)
Hi, so this is my first tab ever, so sorry if I suck or something :S
I was looking at the other tabs for this song and they're right and everything but in 
this version I've maafe the chord shapes easier. Just thought it would be helpful for 
people who find the other ones difficult :)

Tabbed by: Megzilla3

Tuning: Standard

e-----------0-0-0-|B----------2-0----|G----2-424-----2--| x2D-2-4-------------|A-----------------|E-----------------|
E A F#m C#mWhen they say you can't love, I think they've got it wrong
Dmaj7 Bm7They say you can't feel, with a heart made of steel
Esus4 EBut you can't say that steel ain't strong
A F#m C#mWell if that's who you are, just a meaningless star in the sky
Dmaj7 Bm7Tell me what is the meaning of what I am feeling
Esus4 EIf you are the reason why
C# F#mNow I may be dumb
A7But where I come from
D Dm6Folks say they're fine when I know that they're blue
Bm7But you don't know you
Dm E AThe way I do
G C Am EmYour kind is frail and weak, and I want to destroy you all
Fmaj7 Dm7You're a sorry disgrace, to the concept of race
Gsus2 GAnd to logical science and law
C Am EmBut for some reason why, when you look at me I don't wanna be
Fmaj7 Dm7Programmed this way, believe when I say
Gsus2 GYou're the one anomaly
E AmYou might not be smart
C7But there is a part of me
F#6 Fm6That's starting to make a break through
Dm7No, you don't know you
Fm G CThe way I do
Gm C (My wires are protected from abnormal things like you)
I never expected To find, someone like you
Gm C(When you know everything, it is suddenly strange when you don't have a clue)
I don't know anything, but you're giving me a clue
Em - Am EmI can see past, the, surface
Dm7 Fmaj7 - GFinding the worth that is hiding beneath
Am EmYou're life, and, purpose
F D7And all of a sudden I feel like I've run into
G Esus2 - Esomething that no one has seen!
Intro riff again.
C# F#You're perfect and wonderful
D#m BbmHow I hoped you'd be
(February, I...)
Bmaj7But it's really enough
G#m7 C#sus4 C#For you to be just a human being
(There's something I need to tell you...)
F#And I'll know you'll agree
D#m BbmThat's all we need to make our dreams come true
(You're a dream come true, but I need to share something with you...)
Bmaj7 G#m7 C#If this life has ending, I'm glad that I'm spending this short little time Bbm7
with you
Bbm D#m F#7I'm so much more, than what've you thought before
B Bm6Now that we have got you too
(So much more then what we have got too)
Gm7Get to know you
(You don't know you)
BmBut you don't know me
F#The way I do...
Outro: D#m7 Bbm Bmaj7 Bm F# Hope this is useful and sorry if there are any mistakes :) x
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