Darren Criss - No Way chords version 2


Db/Bb Db/BMy mind is racing, but my heart, it beats faster.
Db/C DbI'm in control, commander and master.
Db/Bb Db/BLady Fate, creating disaster—
F#but she ain't the boss of me!
Db/Bb Db/BA head-on collision with a catastrophic setback
Db/C Dbmakes you either wanna get lost, or get back.
Db/C DbI choose the latter; let's not forget that
F#we hold the cards this time,
Ebm Abso there's no need to bitch or whine!
DbThere's no way
Ab F#I'm gonna take another option,
Db Ab F#no way I am gonna settle with a loss!
Db Ab F#No way I'm gonna sit around and watch,
Ebm/F#there's no, no way...
DbThere's no way
Ab F#you're gonna find me in the background,
Db Ab F#no damn way you’re gonna see me satisfied!
Db Ab F#No way they're ever gonna make me back down,
Ebm/F#no, no way...
Db/BbHome field advantage,
Db/B Db/Cthe upper hand is ours,
Dbso the game is on!
Db/BbT he clock ticks,
Db/Bbut we've got our tricks
Db/C Dbto fuss with and fix what’s wrong!
Db/BbLet's wake up and go, guys,
Db/Btake out the bad guys,
Db/C Dbbreak out your mad eyes--
Db/BbWe'll take it on together,
Db/Bwe're stronger and we're better
Ebm/Fand if there's a problem--
[spoken] "Ha!" --Whatever!
DbThere's no way
Ab F#we're gonna leave it up to chance,
Db Ab F#there's no damn way we're gonna go without a fight!
Db Ab F#No way you gonna see us on our ass,
Ebm/FThere's no, no way...
DbThere's no way
Ab F#we're gonna settle with sorrow,
Db Ab F#leave right now if you think this ain't real!
Db Ab F#Today, not waitin' for tomorrow!
F#No, no way there's no way,
F#/Fno, no way there's no way,
F#/Eno, no way there's no way,
F# there's
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