Darren Criss - Hey Dragon chords version 2

Hi this is my first tab but im pretty sure this is accurate ?

G C D Hey dragon
G you dont gotta do this
G Lets reevaluate our options
C D throw away our old presumptions
F cause really
Em you dont wanna go through this
Am Im really not that special
D G Emthe Boy Who Lived is only flesh and bone
Am the truth is in the end
D Im pretty useless without friends
F Em In fact Im alone
Eb D D7 Just like now
D7 but anyhow
G I spend my time at school
C D G tryna be this cool guy
C D I never even asked for
G I dont know any spells
C D but still manage to do well
F Em(ring out) But theres only so long that can last for
Am Im living off the glory
D of some stupid childrens story
G Em I had nothing to do with
Am I just sat there and got lucky
D7(hold) so level with me buddy
F(hold)óEm(hold) I cant defeat thee
Eb(hold) D(hold)so please dont eat me
Am All I can do
D7 is sing this song for you
G C D Lalalalala Rarararara
G C D Lalalalala rarararara
G C D lalalalala rarararara
G G7 lalalalala thatís right dragon!
C6 You never asked to be a dragon
D I never asked to be a champion
Bm We both just jumped on the band wagon
Em But all we need is guitar jamming
Am7 Lalalalala Rarararara
D7 Lalalalala Lalala
G(hold) Goodnight Dragon
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