Darren Criss – Guys Like Potter chords ver. 2

Not tabbed by me. Found on the StarKidPotter Facebook page.

Em/C F Em/C F

Verse 1

Em/C F Em/C FThere are so many douche bags in the world
Em/C F EmYes, so many douche bags get the girls
E7/G# Am7 D7Who deserve more than absolutely anything
Am7 D7That any charm or potion could ever bring
F EmBut men like that, they have her on a string
GAnd they don't care
Am7 F C G/BFor there will always be guys like Potter
Am7 F C G/BTo realise tears in your eyes because he got her
Am7 F CShe'll never ever know how much you'd have brought her
G/B F/AIf you'd only done
G/B F/ASomething more for the one
G/BBack when you were young....
Capo 3
Em/C F Em/C FSo many assholes in this place
Em/C F Em/CSo many assholes in my face
E7 AmWhy can't they leave me alone
D7To love princesses, maids, and queens?
Am D7They wouldn't ever be inbetween.....
(Lucius & Snape)
Am Em/CWe'd treat them nice and never be mean
GAnd we would care......
Am7 F C G/BBut there will always be guys like Potter
Am7 F C
G/BWho'll quench the flame like it's a game with drops of water
Am7 F CHe'll never ever think her perfect as you/I thought her......
G/B F/ABut now you're alone
G/B F/ALeft to pout and moan
G/B Em/C FCause you were totally........pwnd
Em/C F Em/C
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