Darren Criss - Ellens Song chords

Darren Criss' Special Song for Ellen :)

Here are the chord shapes I'm referring to, because I know the correct names.

  A* | x12022
D/C# | x40232
C/G* | 540030
  D* | x57675

D F#m Bm GWhen are we gonna see Finding Nemo 2
D F#mThey did it for Toy Story and Cars
G A A*Well how about something new
Bm A?A new story about Dory
D D/C# F#m B (on the 7th fret)I hope you're buying what I'm selling
GI know it ain't my choice
G C/G* D*I just wanna hear the voice of my girl Ellen
You can watch the video here. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_n1pL1LFac ~Moony
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