Darren Criss - Broadwaycom Audience Choice Awards Opening Song chords

(These may not be the correct names of the chords.)

G    | 320033
C/G  | 320013
C    | x32013
Cadd9| x32033
Em7  | 022033
D    | xx0232
Dsus4| xx0233
C3   | x54030

Some parts of the song you can hammer the second fret of the fourth string before 
changing to the next chord.

Intro: G (hammer) C/G

C/GI've always loved hosting
C C/GOkay, I was bored
C/G C D Dsus4 DI'm all that Broadway.com can afford
Cadd9What the theatre needs most
GAnother award
D GWell Broadway is nice
D GThe way the Avenue reeks
D G C C/GBut what do I know, I was there for three weeks
C/G (hammer)
C/G C C/GWith theatre awards, here's what I know
C/G Cadd9 D Dsus4 DTo get nominations, just open a show
Cadd9 Em7I urge all my fellow TV stars to go
D G D GMusicians are late, the stage hands are freaks
D Em7 C C3 GIt all seems pretty great if you do it for three weeks
Em7 GI gave it a try, I even got by
Cadd9 D Dsus4 DWithout Crafts services trucks (?)
Em7 GGot dressed to the nines, learned most of my lines
C Cadd9 GJust like third grade, but with a million bucks
C/G C C/G (hammer)And now one more trophy to put on the shelf
C C/G C DGet drunk and rejoice, you shared your voice
G D GThe winners your choice, disagree, blame yourself
G C C/GAnd I'm glad for the people, the people I've met
G C D Dsus4 DThe theatre folk are as cool as they get
Cadd9 GThe time that I've spent isn't time I'll regret
Em7And as for the message boards, they can just suck my ...
D G D GIt wasn't a tragedy, thanks to those Gleeks
D G Cadd9 GNext time they better book me for more than three weeks
Hope this is accurate. It's hard to tell if he plays the Cadd9 or Em7 at times. ~Moony
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