Darren Criss - Harry chords version 3

Intro: F Em Dm7 F Em Dm7
F Em Dm7The way his hair falls in his eyes makes me wonder if heíll
F Em Dm7Ever see through my disguise and Iím under his spell
F C E7 Am Everything is falling and I donít know where to land
D7 Bb7Everyone knows who he is but they donít know who I am
C G FHarry
C G FHarry
Am G Dm7Why canít you see
Dm7 G CWhat youíre doing to me
Bb AmIíve seen you conquer certain death
A9 Dm7 CsusEven when youíre just standing there you take away my breath
C Bb G7And maybe someday youíll hear my song and understand that all along
Gm7 Bb Asus AThereís something more that Iím trying to say
D(A)GWhen I say Harry
D A GHarry
Bm A E7Why canít you see
Em7 A BmWhat youíre doing to me
G A DWhat youíre doing to me
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