Darren Criss – I Was chords

Hi guys! This is my first tab, and I wrote it for piano, so my apologies if it's 
weird on a different instrument. Ratings and critiques are much appreciated. Rise 
up, fellow Starkids!

Ab Eb/G DbThere was a time when life had meaning
DbmNot so long ago
Ab Eb/G DbI knew the lines, it was easy being
Dbm Ebsus4 EbThe star of the show
FmThere was a time
Fm/EbWhen things were fine
Db C7 FmI could make wine from water
E GbThere was a time when I was happy
Db Ebsus4 Eb Ab When I was Harry Potter
Ab Eb/G DbThere was a time when I was hopeful
DbmWhen I was good inside
Ab Eb/G DbEveryone said that I was evil
Dbm Ebsus4 EbMaybe they were right
FmI changed my name
Fm/EbI went insane
Db C7 FmI've never felt so little
E GbI was a fool to think they could love me
Db (C#) Ebsus4 Eb Ab (D# G#)When I was Thomas Riddle
EI've fallen
E+From up high
Dbm/E AmThe world has said goodbye
EI'm not an angel
E+Not the answer
Dbm/E AmI'm just going nowhere faster
E B/Eb AThere was a time I was a hero
Am EBut that hero's gone
E B/Eb ALooking back I can hardly see him
Am EEveryone's moved on
ECast me aside
E+Throw me away
Dbm/EGo on, forget
A Am E E7 AAnd I'll try forgetting too
Bm A EBut I wish it was just like it was before
Bm A EI wish it was just like it was before
F#Now I've fallen
F#+From up high
Ebm/F# BmThe world has said goodbye
F#I'm not an angel
F#+Not the answer
Ebm/F# BmHow did life become disaster?
Db Db7I'm just going nowhere faster
EbmThere was a time before
F#I was adored
B Bb7 EbmBy every son and daughter
D EThere was a time when I was happy
B Bm F# F#+ F#When I was Harry Potter
{Song rights reserved to Darren Criss. Not mine. Chords by timeywimey.}
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