Dashboard Confessional – No News Is Bad News chords

Standard tuning, half a step down (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)

D G2 G D/G Bm A D/F# C G/B----------------2--0------------|-3--3--3---3----3--2--3----3--3-|-2--2--0--------4--2--2----0--0-|-0--0--0---4----4--2--0---------|----------------2--0-------3--2-|----3--3---3----------2---------|
Intro D G2 G D/G Verse D/F# G C G/B Pre-chorus Bm D Bm A Chorus Bm G2 D A Bridge - same as intro
Intro - leadeb|-----5---------|Bb|-5/7---5-5\3-3-|
That's pretty much it, I'll try to add some other guitar parts once I can buy the song of just listening to it on myspace. Enjoy.
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