Dashboard Confessional - I Know About You chords version 1

		I Know About You (Acoustic) - Dashboard Confessional
This is my first tab that I have posted ever! I hope you guys/gals like it, this 
is one of my favorite songs from Alter The Ending. Please leave corrections and or 
comments if you wish. Enjoy!

Tabbed by: Jedidanno	
Email: jedidanno1@gmail.com

Tuning: Down 1/2 Step Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb


D  = 000232
G  = 320033
A  = 000222
Bm = 024432

pm = Palm Mute


Verse 1:
D(pm) Bm(pm)Well I know the trouble when the trouble starts || And I know the signals of a straying heart
G(pm) A(pm) And I know the stirrings of a double cross || And I see suspicions arise || Around you
D(pm) Bm(pm)I know the chatter as it starts to creep || I know the walls as they ring and repeat
G(pm) A(pm) A I know the secrets they were meant to keep || And I see suspicions arise ||
D Bm G Itís a shame || I know || But it all shakes out real slow || When the
A Dfollies of your weekend || Hang like smoke onto your clothes || And the
Bm Gshame || Of it grows || When you whisper it nice and low || But all the
A D Gwalls have ears my darling || And all bad things get known || And I know
A 2xabout you ||
Verse 2:
D(pm) Bm(pm) I know the ceiling when it starts to burn || And, I know the season when it
G(pm) A(pm)starts to turn || And, I know the patterns that the wicked learn ||And, I
D(pm)see suspicions arise || Around you || I know the curtain and the way it
Bm(pm) G(pm)falls || I know the burden and the pain it draws || I know youíre sorry for
A(pm) Asomething || But I donít know why ||
Chorus (again) Bridge: Bm, G, A 2x over solo Outro: Go back to chorus, end with
A D G A 3x|| And I know about you ||
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