Dashboard Confessional - Get Me Right chords version 2

Dashboard confessional - Get Me Right

Capo 1

Intro: Am - Dm - G - Dm x2

Am I made my slow way home
G Limping on broken bones
Am Out of the thickest pine
G Across the county lines
Am On to your wooden stairs
G I know you can repair
Am I know you've seen the light
G I know you'll get me right
Am Dm Right
G Dm Right
Am Dm G Dm Right
Am I own a sinners heart
G I know the rain falls hard
Am I know the currency
G I know the things you'll need
Am I hope he hears my prayers
G I see you cut your hair
Am I know the saving type
G I know you'll get me right
(Repeat Refrain) Chorus:
C But Jesus I've fallen
G I don't mind the rain if
F G I meet my maker
F I'll meet my maker clean
C But Jesus the truth is
G I've struggled so
Fhard to believe
GI'll meet my maker
F I'll need my maker
C/E FTo cure of my doubting blood
C GAnd drain me of the sins I love
C/E FAnd take from me my disbelief
C GI know it should come easily
C/E FBut it remains inside of me
C GIt battles and devours me
C/E FIt cuddles up the side of me
C GAnd whispers it convinces me I'm
(Repeat Refrain) Refrain 2:
Am Right
C Right
Am Right
C Right
Am Right
C Right
Am Right
C Right
Outro: Bbm - Ebm - G# - Ebm (2x) Bbm
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