Dashboard Confessional – This Ruined Puzzle tab

Dashboard Confessional
Ruined Puzzle
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
B -      x24442
Bb7 -    x13131
F#sus4 - 244422
F# -     244322
E -      022100
C#/F -   143xxx
F#7 -    242352

Verse 1:
B                     Bb7                       B
This ruined puzzle is beige with the pieces all face down
       B                       Bb7                  F#sus4                  
so the placing goes slowly.The pictures of anything other than it's meant to be
        F#                    B
But the hours they creep, the patterns repeat
Bb7                                             F#
Don't be concerned, you know I'll be fine on my own
  F#7               B
I never said "don't go".

     F#                   E
I've written a note, it's pressed between pages
that you've marked to find your way back
         F#      C#/F         Bb
It says "Does he ever get the girl?"
                F#                      E
But what if the pages stay pressed, the chapters unfinished
the stories too dull to unfold?
F#      C#/F         B
Does he ever get the girl?

Verse 2:
     B                       Bb7
This basement's a coffin I'm buried alive
     B                                 B           Bb7(plucking)
I'll die in here just to be safe. I'll die in here just to be safe
              F#         F#sus4      Bb7(plucking) 
'Cause you're gone I get nothing and you're off with barely a sigh
F#  F#7              B
  I never said "Good-bye"
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