Dashboard Confessional – Several Ways To Die Trying tab

           E            E5/A  B/A      E/A     Aadd2                  Am
Pa-cif-ic Sun_you should have warned us it gets so cold here, and the night
                                                       E5/A B/A    E/A  
can freeze before you set it fire.  And our flares go un-no-ticed di-min-
Aadd2   Am                             E       E5/A     B/A    E/A  Aad2
ished fad-ed just as soon as they are fired. We are._ We are_ in-trigued.
E       E5/A B/A    E/A Aadd2   C#m                  Am                     
We are._ We are._in-vis-ible. Oh how we've shouted, how we've screamed, 
       E            F#m      A                     F#m13                    
take notice, take interest, take me with you. But all our fears fall on
            E      E/A F#m11/A E/AF#m11/A              E/A  Badd4/A     E
deaf ears tonight. They're burning the    roads they  built to lead us to 
              E/A F#m11/A E/A F#m11/A   E/A  Badd4/A  E          E/A F#m11
the light and blinding our hearts with their shining lies, while closing 
/A E/A F#m11/A     E/A       Badd/A   E         E/A F#m11/A E/A F#m11/A
our         cas----kets cold and     tight.     But I'm dying to live.
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