Dashboard Confessional - Write It Out tab

This hidden song is off of Dusk and Summer. 

It can be found by rewinding the first track on the CD.

Intro: D 

D                                Fm
Yeah I try to write it out, not sure what I recall
   Bm                             G
I can’t tell if it’s memory or story telling now
D                                Fm
It happened very quickly but it seemed to last for hours
    Bm                                   G
And everything was crisp and clean till all came crashing down
        Em           G                       D        Fm
So much fire and debris that I was nearly blind with panic,
      Bm                  G         D        Fm
and there was no one anywhere to turn to be saved
          Bm              G         Em             G
from the tyranny and cavalcade. And all use was lost.

And the more that I would struggle, the more that I became entwined
And the thickets & the thorns became my flesh and I was vine.
Creeping deep into the pavement, breaking ground as I grew fast
To the center of the city and up again where I did gasp
in the air or the breeze and I was still alive with a start
And there were people everywhere to behold and admire
And I longed to be one of them and though I was lost

I felt familiar with my surroundings, though they didn’t look quite right
Like someplace that I had been before, under cover of night.
And I found my way by light of day to the center of a crowd
and told them I was one of them and begged them for their help.
And with stones they took their aim, and I knew I would die at their hands
Where I was crowned a heretic to be loathed and set fire and laid upon a
pyre of fire
And as I cast my eyes to the sky I felt your touch,

so gentle and so soothing that I knew I had been saved,
but my movements were so labored and my will had been betrayed
But my lips they work alone now and to them I am enslaved.
And the slightest indiscretions that I made were met with rage
And I burned to be free and then you rescued me
with your voice and beckoned me beside you and your touch was alive.
Sensational and vibrant and with care and your words

         D                                   Fm
You say “Sleep it is a stealthy thing, you cannot know its plans.
        Bm                              G
You were only dreaming, dear, and now here with me again.”
     D                              Fm
You ask if I’d account to you the spirit of my night
        Bm                            G
And you handed me this pad and this pen with which to write.
            Em             G
While it’s fresh in your mind.
                D    A
Before it gets away
G               D    A
Before it gets away
G               D    A
Before it gets away
G               D
Before it gets away…
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