Datsuns – Blood Red tab


VERSE Am Take, take me to market F Come on take me down Am F To traditions and lifes hand me downs Am F It's a sin, sir, when you half realise E Am You gave in sir, become what you despise CHORUS C E So let's paint the town blood red, red tonight Am F Paint it red, it's a scarlet delight. C E Paint the town blood red, red tonight Am F G# Paint it red, it's a scarlet, scarlet delight.
E|---8-------8----7---5---| check the song to get the rhythmB|---8-------8----7---5---|G|---9-------9----8---5---|D|---10------10---9---7---|A|---10------10---9---7---|E|---8-------8----7---5---|
And back to VERSE Am F Grind the meat, sir, time to taste the sublime Am F It is sweet, sir but will turn to grime in time. Am Roll the dice, if you please F It's the right of every man. E To compete, with sleaze Am For someone to bear his brand so. CHORUS SOLO The Rythm guitar just goes like the VERSE
Whatever happened you said... Again check the song to get the rhythmE|----------------------------------------| and strumming.B|----------------------------------------|G|--7---------7---------7--------------7--|D|--7----7----7----7----7----7----5----7--|A|--5----7----5----7----5----7----5----5--|E|-------5---------5---------5----3-------|
Then play the VERSE but letting the chords ring with the MAIN RIFF in the back And final CHORUS C E So let's paint the town blood red, red tonight Am F Paint it red, it's a scarlet delight. C E Paint the town blood red, red tonight Am F Paint it red, it's a scarlet delight. C E Whatever happened to digital communication? Am All those empty promises. F They're still leaving me frustrated F Leaving me frustrated, why? So I say goodbye.
Well folks that's it for this song, I hope it's easy to understand, again listen the song to get the rhythm and strumming and please rate and comment the tab if there's any problem. Enjoy!
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