Datsuns – Get Up Dont Fight It tab

			     Get Up Don't Fight It - Datsuns
Tabbed by: Yeroc

Tuning: Standard

Okay this is really only has 2 sections to it, the main riff that makes up the intro and
verse and the chorus riff. Theres also a solo but Christians solos are too hard for me to
be bothered working them out so Ive just done the main riff and chorus riff.

Intro + Versee|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|---------7-9-9-7-9-7------------| Repeat As many times as necessary D|-9-9-7-9-7-9-9-7-9-7-9-9--------|A|-9-9-7-9-------------9-9--------|E|-7-7----------------------------|
Choruse|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------| Like wise, repeat as many times asG|----------------------------------| necessaryD|-4-~~~~~~~-4~~~~~~~-4/6/7/-9-9----|A|-4~~~~~~~~-4~~~~~~~-4/6/7/-9-9----|E|-2~~~~~~~~-2~~~~~~~-2/4/5/-7-7----|
I'll try and tab out the solo but no guarantees. If you think any of this is wrong please email me the suggestions and I'll redo it. Cheers.
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