Dave Barnes - Everybody But You tab

There were no tabs anywhere for this song, and I felt that there should be since it is a
song.  This song has pretty much the same progression the whole way through, so it
be that hard to play, unless I scuffed something up while tabbing.  This is my first 
and I'm not to familiar with the Tab Template I used, so comments, suggestions, and
are accepted.  I'll just go over the structure of each section in the song, and figuring 
the tempo and rythm shouldn't be too hard from there.  Thanks!

			     Everybody But You – Dave Barnes
Tabbed by: Tito
Email: titoortegamusic@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard


e|-X---X---X---X----|--X---X---X---X---X---|--X---X---X---X------------------|B|-X---X---X---X----|--X---X---X---X---X---|--X---X---X---X------------------|G|-6---6---5---6----|--4---4---3---4---8---|--6---6---5---6------------------|D|-6---5---4---3----|--4---3---2---1---7---|--6---5---4---3------------------|A|-X---6---X---4----|--X---4---X---2---8---|--X---6---X---4------------------|E|-6---X---4---X----|--4---X---2---X---X---|--6---X---4---X------------------| Honest Baby…… Rumors goin round…… Everybody knows it here but u…
e|-X---4---6---X---|--X---X---X---X--|--X---X---X---X------------------------|B|-X---X---7---X---|--X---X---X---X--|--X---X---X---X------------------------|G|-4---4---6---X---|--6---6---7---8--|--8---8---7---8------------------------|D|-4---3---8---8---|--6---5---6---5--|--8---7---6---5------------------------|A|-X---4---6---7---|--X---6---X---6--|--X---8---X---6------------------------|E|-4---X---6---8---|--6---X---6---X--|--8---X---6---X------------------------| I must apologize…
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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