Dave Barnes – Sombodys Someone chords

Left handed
Since the song is mainly played with this pattern (Cm7-F#-Ab), I'll skip some parts.

During the bridge, you can play the chords Emaj7-Gmaj7 like this:xx2444-xx3555-xx4666-xx5777
Chords: Cm7:x35343 F#:244322 Ab:466544 F#m7:242222 B11:x22222 Emaj7:xx2444 A13:x02022 Amaj7:x02120 Gmaj7:xx5777 Dmaj7:xx0222 intro: Cm7 F# Ab You don't (Cm7)need no intuition (F#) All you (Ab)need is a beating (Cm7)heart beating(F#) heart (Ab) Ain't no (Cm7)math you need to figure (F#) Nothing (Ab)here you can pick a(Cm7)part....... Cause if (Cm7)it feels like it (F#)should (F#m7)You're gonna feel so (B11)good ba(Emaj7)by hey (A13) yeah (Cm7)You're gonna be someone's somebody (F# Ab) (Cm7)You're gonna be somebody's someone (F# Ab) Bridge: (Amaj7)It could be winter or (Emaj7)summertime;(Gmaj7) or the middle of the (Dmaj7)fall (Amaj7)But nothing will (Emaj7)matter no (Gmaj7) No,(F#) it won't (Ab)matter at (Cm7)all
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