Dave Days - Olive You tab

First tab so be nice and done by ear and watching his video

Great song :)

Intro riftCan't get the words out of my mouth....E|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|G|-----1-----1-----1-----1-----6-----6-----4-----4/6------|D|--------------------------------------------------------|A|--2--2--2--2--2--2--2--2--4--4--4--4--2--2--2--2/4------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
ChorusOlive you and everything you doE|--------------------------------------------------------|B|---2---2---4---4---6---6---9---9------------------------|G|---2---2---4---4---5---5---9---9------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------|A|-0---0---2---2---4---4---7---7--------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
Outro of Chorus thing??I don't know what to say but olive youE|--------------------------------------------------------|B|---2---2---2---2---4---4---4---4------------------------|G|---2---2---2---2---4---4---4---4------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------|A|-0---0---0---0---2---2---2---2--------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat all again Can't fight the feeling I feel inside I try to tell you but I always hide The things you say like I want you to stay right Here by my side and let the words slide Olive you and the little things you do What two words can mean afraid to say the other three Olive you the words are coming true I don't know what to say but olive you You wanna tell me but I don't know how to say it I'll let it out what's been on my mind Those two words need an I love... I love you and everything you do These two words mean what I meant to say with three I love you never felt so smooth All I can say is I love you
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