Dave Days - Olive You chords version 3

Olive You  Dave Days

Capo 2 fret


 D    Bm      A               2x

Verse I

D Bm A Can't get the words out of my mouth
D Bm A That little feeling everyone talks about
D Bm A The things you say like, "I miss your face" I
D Bm A wanna let you know, but I can't get the words to go
G A BmSo olive you
DAnd everything you do
G A BmWhat two words can mean
DAfraid to say the other three
G A BmOlive you
D GThe words are coming true
D A Bm AI don't know what to say
DBut olive you..
Verse 2 Can't fight the feeling I feel inside I try to tell you, but I always hide The things you say like, "Want you to stay right here by my side" Let the words slide Chorus:
D Bm ABut olive you, Olive You, Olive You, Olive you X4
Em GYou, you wanna tell me
Em Bm ABut I, I, I, I don't know how to say it
D A I'll let it out It's been on my mind
Bm G AThose two words mean an "I love"
Chorus I love you And everything you do These two words mean What I meant to say was I love you It never felt so smooth All I can say.. is I love you Repeat Intro till end Olive You, Olive You
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