Dave Days - Olive You tab version 6

Tuning: Standard

Main Riff: E C# Be|-----------------|-------------------|B|---0---0---0---0-|---0---0---0---0---|G|---1---1---1---1-|---6---6---4---4h6-|D|-----------------|-------------------|A|-----------------|-4---4---2---2-----|E|-0---0---0---0---|-------------------|
**NOTE** : After playing through the verse the first time, the initial open E note is skipped. If you listen to the song once through you will see what I mean.
Chorus:Part 1: A B C# Ee|-----------------|-----------------|B|---2---2---4---4-|---5---5---0---0-|G|---2---2---4---4-|---6---6---1---1-|D|-----------------|-----------------|A|-0---0---2---2---|-4---4-----------|E|-----------------|---------0---0---|
Part 2: A E B C# Be|-----------------|-----------------|B|---2---2---0---0-|---4---4---5---4-|G|---2---2---1---1-|---4---4---6---4-|D|-----------------|-----------------|A|-0---0-----------|-2---2---4---2---|E|---------0---0---|-----------------|
**Note** : In the chorus, you play "Part 1" three times and then "Part 2" once.
C# B E B Be|-----------------|-----0-------0---|-----0-------0---|B|-----5-------4---|-----------------|-----------------|G|---6---6---4---4-|---1---1---1---1-|---4---4---4---4-|D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|-4-------2-------|-----------------|-2-------2-------|E|-----------------|-0-------0-------|-----------------|
C# C# A Be|-----0-------0---|-----0-------0---|B|-----------------|-----------------|G|---6---6---6---6-|---2---2---4---4-|D|-----------------|-----------------|A|-4-------4-------|-0-------2-------|E|-----------------|-----------------|
Order: Main Riff x2 (Intro) Main Riff x4 (1st Verse) Chorus x1 Main Riff x6 (2nd Verse) Chorus x1 Main Riff x4 Bridge x1 Chorus x1 Main Riff x6 (Outtro) Final Notes: During the chorus one of the E's he plays is a has an extra note thrown in. It sounds like he just added the high e string (open) to the already existing pick but I'm not 100% positive. Also, the chorus before the bridge it sounds like he leaves off C#>B at the end of part two. If you play it likes I've tabbed it should sound pretty much correct aside from a small tweaks like the ones mentioned. Just listen to the song for the beat, it's a pretty basic "1&2&3&4&" beat. The beginning is a little tricky with the beat but if you just practice it slow you'll get it.
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