Dave Hause – Cmon Kid chords ver. 2

                C'mon kid - Dave Hause
tabbed by: Liese13
email: annika.westermann@gmx.de

I was messing around on youtube when I found Dave playing
 an acoustic version of the song. 
Basically it's the same chords he uses 
in the album version but I quess there's also a 
second guitar in it. Figured out the chords 
by listening to the song and watching the video.
Listen to the song for the correct strumming.

Tuning: standard   Capo 1st fret

Chords used: A F#m E D

A F#mIt seems like you're doing better these days
A F#meven though things are falling apart
A F#mI know it's brutal working minimum wage
E DIt's like you're finished before you start
Things got ugly for a while back there I know I thought that you wouldn't pull through Late at night when the phone would ring There's no telling what you would do Sometimes we'd yell and mad as hell Sometimes we'd act like we didn't care Some of our love was just suffocating It left you turning blue and gasping for air Chorus:
F#m D A EC'mon kid, c'mon, it's one foot and then the other
F#m D A EEverybody needs a hand sometimes everybody needs a brother
F#m D A EC'mon kid, c'mon, I'm reaching out to you
F#m D A EGet out of bed, kid face the world, and show us what you can do
A F#mI'm sorry I was always casting stones
A F#m Like my glass house couldn't be smashed
A F#mI spent as many night as wild as a lion
E DI was lucky that I never crashed
Look, I've never really been no angel I see a lot of myself in you This little town can feel a lot like prison And angry young men always have something to prove (yeah we always got something to prove) Chorus Bridge:
D AI know you ended up with bills to pay
E AI know she promised you that she would stay
D AI know they told you he died for your sins
E AAnd he's the only way
I know it caught you by surprise I got a call that you almost died Second chances are a crime to waste
E DSo don't let time decide, don't let time decide (Heeeeey)
Chorus Ending:
A F#m A F#mC'mon kid, c'mon
A F#mC'mon kid, c'mon
E D(yeeaaah yeaaah)
A F#m A F#mC'mon kid, c'mon
A F#mc'mon kid, c'mon
E DAnd show us what you can do
(you can repeat this like forever or let it fade out but end it with:)
AC'mon kid, c'mon
That's it, the song is really fun to play. For any suggestions just send me an email.
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