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Date:         4 Dec 95 14:45:38 
Subject:      quick_lay_and_say_goodbye

quick lay and say goodbye
the dave matthews band

from the double cd bootleg: satellite of love
recorded live at the roseland, nyc -- 1995

music transcribed by:   evan c. parker
lyrics transcribed by:  sarah e. bierenbaum

only dave matthews can take a song about a one night stand, in which
you are hooking up with your best friend, causing both of you to be
cheating on your significant others, and make it sound romantic.

because this is dave there is a *lot* of chord play... i did *not* write it
all down.  i've found that most people can't / won't read the transcriptions
anyway, and those who can actually read the transcriptions, don't need to
because they can figure it out for themsevles.

a hint though... he plays around with barre chords, a lot.

basic measures are these:
|  A   E   D   A  |  &  |  Bm  Bm  A   D  |  &  |  A   G   D   A  |

A - E - D - A  (x10)

              A                    E
so here we are tonight, you and i together
           D               A
the snow outside the fire bright
                A                       E
oh and in your eyes i can see what's on my mind
           D                     A
oh its this burning that's got me turning
     A             E
and fire burn on baby
        D          A
in my mind... outside
                     A                  E
so drink a glass of wine you'll feel better
        D                A
oh heavenly love, oh heavenly love

        Bm                        A                  D
oh say yeah, yeah tonight no place to go just want to hide
  Bm                             A                   D
lover say you will just for this evening just for the thrill of it
     Bm                                    A - E - D - A
one lay, and tomorrow go back to being friends

                   A                        E
tomorrow we'll go back but for tonight lets be lovers
        D               A
you and i, good friend, you and i
              A                          E
oh not to pretend that i have not got a lover
                     D                A
and you've got your man and so how i can (?)
       A                 E
so this trial turning and twisting
         D                         A
in your mind, come on here in the back, in the back

     Bm                           A                    D
say yeah, will be tonight oh this feeling it just won't hide away
    Bm                             A                  D
say you will just for today let me play for the rainbow's end
       Bm                   A              D
you'll see lover saaaaaaaaaaaay just for today, just for tonight
Bm                       A                D                    Bm
oh lover lay, say lets play, just you and me let's say that we
                              A - E
tomorrow go back to being friends

 D                A                           A
oh we'll go back, oh we'll go back to being friends
                    E    D                    A
tonights let's be lovers, tonights let's be lovers
  A               E      D                    A
tonights let's be lovers, tonights let's be lovers

   Bm                  A                 D
oh i'll, yeah, be your friend, oh and I taste your lips
 Bm                                 A                      D
and oh, I taste your mouth, and run my fingertips on your hips and yeah,
          Bm          A D       Bm
then oh lover we saaaaaaay oh lover, lover, come and be friends
                A                D             Bm
just for this evening until its end, when will we

  A              G                 D        A
and tomorrow, we'll see another day... (x3)
   A               G         D       A
tomorrow, say goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye... (x3)

evan c. parker                   "you don't know the power you have
the college of william & mary       with that tear in your hand..."
ecpark@mail.wm.edu                                    - tori amos
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