Dave Matthews Band – What You Are tab

I know this is right from seeing Dave play it live at a radio show...

Intro Riff 1b----------------|F#---12----------|D----11-9--------|A--9------12-11--|E----------------|B----------------|On the cd version, its sounds like theres alot more going on,but there's really not. Try and pick up a solo acoustic baritoneversion if you can and you'll see what I mean.
Intro Riff 2b-----------------|F#----------------|D--12-11--9--7-6--|A-----------------|E--10--9--7--5-4--|B-----------------|
Verseb-----F#----D-----A--9--E-----B--7-- That's it. Then to Intro Riff 2, then Intro Riff 1.
Bridgeb-----------|F#----2-----|D--4--2--1--|A--4--2--2--|E--2--0--2--|B--------0--| F# E B
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