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Dave Matthews Band – Cant Stop tab

This is one of the best new songs on the 06 summer tour....this song is pretty much all 
but i think i figured out the guitar part

I want to love you but i cant stop.....

E--3---------------------------------------------------|A------5------------5---------------------------5------|D---------3-- 3h5h3------3----------5---3h5h3--------3-|G-----------------------------3h4----------------------|B------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------|
im like a junkie for you....its just a power chord....if im right.... :/E------------------------------------------------|A---3--------------------------------------------|D---------5--------------------------------------|G----------5-------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------|
you make me so hungry.....this is the bass at its loudest...with the band..dave doesn't during this can fool around with thisE---------- --------------|A--0------- --0-----------|D--0-------or--2-----------|G--2------- --------------|B---------- --------------|E---------- --------------|
This is a bass to acoustic transition...this song would be very difficult to do solo you need a band or someone to play bass at that last part...i hope this doesn't suck Jack Babs
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