Dave Matthews Band - Alligator Pie tab

This is my first tab - hope I get it correct.  You'll have to listen to the song a 
bit to get the strumming down, but shouldn't be long before you pick it up.

Standard Tuning

Intro and Verse

Am D Am F Ge--------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------|G-----5-4-2--2-2----5-4-2----2---4-----|D--------------------------------------|A------------0-0-----------------------|E--3/5-------------5-------1---3-------|
Am D F Ge--------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------|G-----5-4-2--2-2------2------4---------|D---------------------3------5---------|A------------0-0-----------------------|E--3/5---------------1------3----------|
Strum the F and G the second time. When the song slows down, Dave plays this part with a little more muting to give it more a funky jazz feel. Listen to the song a few times to get the hang of this part. Refrain A - G - Bm - A
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