Dave Matthews Band - Little Red Bird tab

Little Red Bird

This might not be perfect.
If someone wants to take this and make it more precise, I'd be happy with that.
It's enough to get you started though.


[ ]E|----------------------------------------------|B|-7---5---3---2---0--0--3--0---0--3--3--2------|G|-7-----0---0---0----0--2--0---0--2--0--2------|D|-0---0---4---2------0--0--2---2--0--0--2------|A|--------------------x--x--2---2--x--x--0------|E|--------------------3--2--0---0--2--3---------| *
From the * onward, he continues fingerpicking, but fingers the chords the traditional way. I think it's probably easier to just listen to the recording and hear what he's doing than try to untangle me trying to write it out in a tab. Alternate Riff: This is usually played on its own, but once is used to replace the part in []s above. at the bottom of the tab.
Break: There are multiple instruments here, but this sounds the best on one guitar to me. I'm pretty sure Dave is either doing this, or just picking the chords while other instruments do the melody. It's hard to tell. The way I play it, I just simultaneously fingerpick all the notes together that line up vertically in the tab below. Your mileage may vary; if you think something else is going on here, feel free to tab it out.
The last A in the break goes back to "a comfort to count the battles won". Order: Verse x5 Alternate Riff Break Verse w/ part in brackets replaced by Alternate Riff Alternate Riff Verse Alternate Riff
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