Dave Matthews Band – Gravedigger Acoustic chords

Alright, I saw that the tab that's highest rated wasn't exactly right but pretty close. 
watched the AOL Sessions video for the song and got the exact chords from what Dave plays.

Am - xx2210
Am7 - 3x2210
F - 133211
G - 320033
Dm- xx0231
A#5 - x133xx
E - 022100
D - 2x032xAlright, now here's the song.
The intro starts out with Dave playing an Am and hammering on the C in the Am chord. It like this:
And then it goes: Am Am7 F x 2 You should be able to hear when he switches between Am and Am because he hits the low G note when he switches between them. The song goes like this: Intro then
Am Am7Cyrus Jones 1810 to 1913
F AmMade his great-grandchildren believe they could live to 103
Am Am7103 is forever when you're just a little kid
F AmSo Cyrus Jones lived forever
Am Am7Gravedigger, when you dig my grave
ECould you make it shallow,
Am Am7 D AmSo that I can feel the rain oh, Gravedigger
Verse 2: Same chord progression. then the chorus, and then the bridge. Bridge:
Dm F C G A#5Ring around the rosie,
Dm F C G A#5Pocket full of posies,
Dm F C G A#5Ashes to ashes,
Dm F C G We all fall down,
then back to chorus, and then a verse, then another chorus. Then the outro, which is Dave going through the intro but the chord changes are a little faster and there's an E at end, so it's: Am Am7 F E It goes: Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus Verse Chorus Outro Any questions, feel free to ask.
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