Dave Matthews Band - Spaceman Acoustic tab version 2

Dave Matthews Band - Spaceman

This is my first post and since I use this website all the time i figured
I would give back to the community by tabbing this for everyone.
Dave Matthews Band is my favorite band so it is great to get the right
tabs up for this song.

This is the version off of Dave and Tim Live in Las Vegas Double Down played
on 12.10.09 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.
I wanted to post an accurate version of the song since there was only one
post for this song and it is easier to hear what is being played when it
is just Dave and Tim. I just learned this by ear and finally got all the
notes that he is hitting. Once you get the technique down while you are
listening to it on the album, you will see that the tab is accurate.


PM= palm mute

Tim is playing something else in the background while Dave starts playing
what is tabbed below.  When you get to the part where you slide from the
2/6 and 2/5 together, don't hit the strings with the pick, just let the
notes slide up and you will get the right sound.

e----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------|G-6-6-6-6--6-6----6-6-6-6--6-6---------2--2/6----6---------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------5\2-2----2/5--5-----------------| PM...........................
e-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------------------------|G-6-6-6-6--6-6----6-6-6-6--6-6-----2--2/6----6----7----4-------2---0----|D-----------------------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------2----2/5--5--------7----3-------2---2--| PM...........................
Verse: So now it just goes into the main riff which is the same as above except without the repeated note in the beginning.
then the bridge: yeah, ah, ah, yeah
F G Ae---------------------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------------------------|G---x---2-x-2--x---4-x-4--x---6-x-6-----------------------------------|D---x---x-x-x--x---x-x-x--x---x-x-x-----------------------------------|A---x---x-x-x--x---2-x-2--x---4-x-4-----------------------------------|E---x-1-1-x-1--x-3-3-x-3--x-5-5-x-5-----------------------------------|
repeat 3 times then go to chorus Chorus:
D A Bm G D A C D A Bm G F Ge---2-----2--3-------2-----3----2------2---3-----1---3-----------------|B---3--2--3--3-------3--2--3----3---2--3---3-----1---3-----------------|G---2--2--4--0-------2--2--0----2---2--4---0-----2---0-----------------|D---0--2--4--0-------0--2--2----0---2--4---0-----3---0-----------------|A------0--2--2----------0--3--------0--2---2-----3---2-----------------|E------------3-----------------------------3-----1---3-----------------|
after the last chord on the chorus, quickly go back into the verse riff because as soon as he says, "i love the way you move" when he gets to "love" is when you start playing the verse riff again. I hope you found it helpful. If there are any questions or corrections, let me know. Thx!
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