Dave Matthews Band - Baby Blue tab version 4

This tab is based on the submission from CANADIA15 on DMBTabs.com, and modified 
based on the youtube cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1ocT6WDkUM&

I think the hardest thing about this relatively easy song is the strumming 
pattern, watch video to figure it out.

***CAPO ON 8th FRET***

* He does a light pick of B3 after each single pick of A3, A2, E23A02E0, watch the video Here is the main modification from the original tab "And you and me forever.... .my baby......You will...
Chords for the rest (chord names may be incorrect) G 320030 Bm 224430 Cadd9 032030 Em7 020030 Em? 020230 D 000232 Bm? 024030 G Bm Cadd9 Em7 G rest you head, your strength once saving ... and when you wake Bm Cadd9 Em7 G Em? Cadd9 you will fly away holding tight to the lesg .. of all your angels Em7 G Bm D Bm? goodbye my love ... into your blue blue eyes, in your, blue blue world Ending: You're my baby blue."
such a beautiful song, enjoy
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