Dave Matthews Band - 41 tab

Dave Matthews Band
#41 - Crash
Standard Tuning


G/A -  5xx780
G/B -  7x5780
Em -   x75780
D -    x5x780
G -    320003
D/F# - 200230
C -    x32010

    Come and see
G/B            Em               D
I swear by now I'm playing time against 
my troubles 
G/B            Em       D
Oh, I'm coming slow but speeding
G/A         G/B
Do you wish a dance and while
I'm in the front
D                        G/A
The play on time is won
G/B              Em       D      G/A  G/B  Em  D (2x)
Oh, But the difficulty is coming here 
G         D/F#    C
I will go in this way
And find my own way out
        D/F#     C   
I won't tell you to stay

But I'm coming to much more
G/A      G/B
All at once the ghosts come back
D                   G/A
Reeling in you now
G/B              Em        D
Oh, What if they came down crushing
G/A           G/B             
Remember when I used to play for
Em                    D
all of the loneliness that nobody
notices now
G/B             Em       D      G/A  G/B Em 
Oh, I'm begging slow I'm coming here 
D             G/A            G/B
  Only waiting   I wanted to stay
I wanted to play,
            D        G/A
I wanted to love you
I'm only this far
           Em           D        
And only tomorrow leads this way 
G/A            G/B             
    I'm coming waltzing back and
Em              D
moving into your head
G                  D/F#     C
Please, I wouldn't pass you by
Oh, I wouldn't take any more than
             D/F#     C
What sort of man goes by

I will bring water
G                  D/F#
Why won't you ever be glad
It melts into wonder

I came in praying for you
Why won't you run
D/F#              C
into the rain and play

And let the tears splash all over you
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