Dave Matthews Band - Rhyme And Reason tab

			     Rhyme and Reason - Dave Matthews Band
Tabbed by: John Lindenmuth
Email: jlinden@clemson.edu

Tuning: Standard

I tabbed this from Listener Supported Disc 1 and I am 100% positive this is how it is 
 Tough to play at first but will come with practice!

Intro and Verse

Order: Intro/Verse- 16x Chorus- 2x Intro/Verse- 14x Chorus- 4x Intro/Verse- 16x Chorus- 6x then there is a slow part at the end which is: Chorus: (hold each chord)
e|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|-------5~---3~--------|D|--5~---5~---3~---7~---| 4xA|--5~---3~---1~---7~---|E|--3~-------------5~---|
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