Dave Matthews Band – Spoon tab

			     Spoon - Dave Matthews Band
Tabbed by: Blake
Email:  deblieux@hotmail.com

Tuning: standard

Em D C E Am D G D/F#e|----------------2----------------------0-------2----------3-------------------|B|----------------3----1-----------------1-------3----------3----------3--------|G|----------------2----0------1-1-1------2-------2----------0----------2--------|D|-----5-7-0------0----2------2-2-2------2-------0----------0----------0--------|A|-----7-7-0-----------3------2-2-2--------------------2----2----0-----0--------|E|----------------------------0-0-4--------------------3----3----2-----2--------|
Verse 1: Em D Spoon in spoon C E Stirring my coffee Am D I thought of you G D/F# And turned to the gate Em D C E And on my way came up with the answers Am D I scratched my head G D/F# And the answers were gone Verse 2: Em D From hand to hand, C E Wrist to the elbow Am D Red blood sand G D/F# Could Dad be God? Em D C E Crosses cross hung out like a wet rag Am D Forgive you? Why? G D/F# You hung me out to dry Chorus: Em D And maybe I'm crazy C E But laughing out loud Am D G D/F# Makes the pain pass by Em D And maybe you're a little crazy C E Am D G D/F# But laughing out loud makes it all subside C G/B Holding, I'm holding Ending: C I'm still falling, G/B I'm still falling Verse 1: Verse 2: Chorus: Ending: Enjoy! :) questions? leave a comment or email me at deblieux@hotmail.com
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