Dave Matthews Band - Native Son tab

Song: Native Son  
Artist: Matthew Good Band  
Album: The Last of the Ghetto Astronauts  
    Tabbed by Steve  

Verse G|---------------------|---------------------| D|*--------------------|--------------------*| A|*------------2-2h4---|-------------2-2h4--*| E|---4--4-4-4----------|---0--0-0-0----------|
Chorus G|-------------------|-------------------|------------------------| D|*------------------|-------------------|-----------------------*| A|*------------------|-------------------|-----------------4h6---*| E|---0--0-0--0-0-0---|---2--2-2--2-2-2---|---4--4-4--4-4-4----4---|
That's the whole song...there's really not all that much too it, it's a simple one, so there shouldn't be too much problems, but if there are then you can always contact me at metalliduck62@hotmail.com.
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