Dave Matthews Band - If I Had It All tab

If i had it all
Dave Matthews
submitted by Scott E.

Intro Riffe--------5-5-6/7----0------0----------|b------7---------------3-----5h7p5----|g--6/7--------------------------------|d-----------------2------5---7--------|a-------------------------------------|e-------------------------------------|
Next Part |-----Riff 1-----------|e------------------------------------|b------------------------------------|g-----0---2----------2-2-3/4---------|d-2---0---2--------4-----------------|a-2-------0----4/5-------------------|e-0---3------------------------------|
Pre Chorus |--Riff 2-||----------------|start of choruse-------------------------------|b--------------1----------------|g----2-0-------0----------------|d--------4-2-0-2----------------|a--------------3----------------|e-------------------------------|
Chorus C If I were a king Em If I had everything A If I had you then I could Am Give you your dreams C If I were giant sized Em On top of it all D Tell me what in the world would I go on for If I had it all? Bridge
go back and forth between these two chords G G5be----------------------------------|b--3----2--------------------------|g--0----0--------------------------|d--0----0--------------------------|a--5----4--------------------------|e--3----3--------------------------|
C x32010 Em 022000 A x02220 Am x02210 D xx0232
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