Dave Matthews Band - The Riff tab

So just to get this out of the way, I'm not tabbing the entirety of the song, just the
main riffs, which are repeated throughout anyways. On the parts with the chords, they're
basically just your regular F, A#, and C chords, I'm not going to tell you how to strum 
them or how may times etc. You can do it :) I usually try to be as accurate as I can with
my tabs, and spell out every part, which is also why I use Tuxguitar most of the 
time...but for this one I just wanted to get a simple tab out there for everyone to get the 
hang of it.
So...please enjoy :)

Main Riff/Verse

There are repetitions of this with octave harmonies later. Please don't leave me... (Starting at 0:28)
F C If you stay with me...(Starting at 1:14)
F C Jam Riff (Starting at 2:15)
If you stay with me... (Starting at 2:38)
e|------|b|------|g|-3--2-|d|-3--3-|a|-1--3-|e|----1-| A# F
So I can't really figure out the second jam starting at 4:27. It's some sort of variation of the Christmas Song riff. Something like this
Like I said, this is just what I've come up with, and I know it's not entirely right. Feel free to mess around with it and let me know if you have any advice on anything. Any help or suggestions is appreciated, but please refrain from being condescending, or trolling for that matter. If you feel you can make a better one, by all means :)
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