Dave Matthews Band – Space Between tab

Look, I don't know where the other guys got their music from, but this is the way Dave plays it.------------------------------------------------------Chorus: D Bm ?E--2------2-------3--------| This is just repeatedB--3------3-------3--------|G--2------4-------0--------|D--0------4-------0--------|A--0------0-------2--------|E--0------0-------3--------|
D Bm The space between these tears we cry ? Is the laughter that keeps us comminng back for more D Bm The space between these wicked lies we tell CCC Em (back to the verses) and hope to keep safe from the pain -------------------------------------------------------- Verses: the verses get strummed like this before each line: CCC Em You cannot quit me so quickly CCC Em There's no hope in you for me CCC Em -------------------------------------------------------- you get the point, anyway, at least you'll be able to play it correctly
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